Thursday, March 7, 2013

Current Affairs Question January 2013, Current Affairs: January 2013


Q. 1 Australian Open 2013 Man title winner is ?
A. Andy Murry
B. Nadal
C. Novak Djokovic
D. Roger Federer
Ans: C 

Q. 2 Australian Open 2013 Woman title winner is ?
A. Victoria Azarenka
B. Li Na
C. Serena Williams
D. Venus Williams
Ans: A
Q. 3 Who is New BJP President
A. Narendra Modi
B. Rajnath Singh
C. Nitin Gadkari
D. Sushma Swaraj
Q. 4 Who is winner of 23rd Lal Bahadur Shashtri Hockey Tournament ?
C. Air India
Ans: C
Q. 5 Who is only player to score three triple century in First Class Cricket ?
A. Virendra Sehwag
B. Sunil Gavaskar
C. Ravindra Jadeja
D. Cheterswar Pujara
Ans: C
Q. 6  Who is chairmen of 14th Finance Commission ?
A. YV Reddy
B. D. Subborao
C. Rangrajan
D. Montek singh Ahluvaliya
Ans: A
Q. 7 ITU stands for
A. Indian Telecom Unions
B. International Telecommunication Union
C. International Trade Union
D. Indian Truck Union
Ans: B
Q. 8 Which country in December 2012 got their First Woman President ?
A. North Korea
B. South Korea
C. Austria
D. Australia
Ans: B, South Koria's first woman president Park Geun-Hye
Q. 9 Miss world 2012, Oliva Culpo belongs to ?
C. China
D. Philipines
Ans: A
Q. 10 Which bollywood actress awarded Bharat Muni Award 2012 ?
A. Rekha
B. Shridevi
C. Hema Malini
D. Jaya Prada
Ans: C
11. Direct cash transfer scheme started in 20 districts on ?
A. 1st January 2013
B. 31st December 2012
C. 26th January 2013
D. 2nd October 2012
Ans: A
Q.12 "Direct cash transfer scheme" is rolled out in which three district of Rajasthan ?
A. Alwar, Ajmer, Jaipur
B. Ajmer, Udaipur, Alwar
C. Udaipur, Jaipur, Alwar
D. Ajmer, Jaipur, Alwar
Ans: B 
Q.13 "Direct cash transfer scheme" is rolled out in How may district in India under Phase-I ?
A. 20
B. 50
C. 30
D. 40
Ans: A
Q. 14 Which ceremony is recently opened for Public by president of India ?
A. Change of Guard
B. Rose Garden
C. North Block
D. Change of Security
Ans: A, Change of Guard ceremony is opened by President Pranab Mukharjee for 200 Peoples.

Q. 15 India Inks pack with which country on Nuclear Safety ?
A. Pakistan
B. Ukraine
C. Bhutan
D. Iran
Ans: B
Q. 16 Who is appointed New BJP President ?
A. Rajnath singh
B. Vasundhra Raje
C. Narendra Modi
D. Nitin Gadkari
Ans: A
Q. 17 Chief guest on 26th Jan. 2013 belong to country ?
A. Nepal
B. Afganistan
C. Philistine
D. Bhutan
Ans: D, King and queen of Bhutan.

Q. 18 Kyoto Protocol-II is related to ?
A. Nuclear Deal
B. Human rights
C. Climate Change
D. Indo-Pak Boarder talk
Ans: C
Q. 19 The Indian entry for Oscar 2012 was ?
A. Barfi
B. Gang of Vasepur
C. Jab tak hai Jaan
D. Dam 999
Ans: A
Q. 20 Who is new President of Japan ?
A. Shinzo Abe
B. Yoshiko Noda
C. Ban Ki- Moon
D. Yosho Kama
Ans: A

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